Incredible Shrinking Products – Pure Leaf Edition

I love iced tea as much as the next guy. Other than water I usually only drink iced-tea. The Pepsi Company makes a tasty tea called Pure Leaf. Compared to the other popular brands of tea I personally think Pure Leaf is one of the best tasting around. Flavor variations are diverse and pretty much all enjoyable.

Iced Teas are expensive and Pure Leaf is no exception

If you shop around on Amazon or your local supermarket for a while, you will notice that the various sellers of Iced tea have cranked up the prices of their teas. Its not the price of the tea that gets me angry Its the deception that I hate.

Pure Leaf – Same bottle two different sizes.

You’re walking through your local supermarket and pickup a six pack of Pure Leaf tea. Wow what a great price about $1.00 per bottle.  The bottles look exactly the same as the one you purchased in the Deli earlier today. However under closer inspection you notice its smaller. What? 1.5oz smaller! In reality that 6 pack is missing a 1/2 bottle of tea.

Pure Leafe
16.9oz vs 18.5oz

As you can see from the image above they have both a 16.9oz bottle and 18.5oz bottle that look exactly alike.  If the bottles were not sitting next to each other would anyone notice? I have been drinking this stuff for a number of years and just by luck my wife purchased a six pack and I happen to have a bottle from the deli.

Moral of the story

If you like Pure Leaf tea just remember there are two sizes and obviously you would want to try to get the larger size for the lowest cost.

Regardless of the size, I think Pure Leaf is one of the best tasting iced teas around. Plus if you shop Amazon just click this link and enjoy a cold refreshing iced tea. CLICK ME FOR TEA!

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