July Auction Finds – Weston Electric Model 24 Amp Meter & More

It’s been a while since I have written a blog posting. I guess life can get in the way of some of our hobbies, or as I have noticed other hobbies take priority over others. You may ask what I have been up to over the last year that has been taking up so much time.

My side hustles :

  • Buying vintage video games and repair / refurbish for resale
  • Buying vintage cameras for repair / refurbish for resale
  • Buying vintage electronics / test instruments for refurbish for resale
  • Recycling old computers and reselling their components

Recently I won an auction that had some very cool vintage test instruments and I thought I could put a little time into refurbishing them and flip for a couple extra dollars. If you have ever read my blog its not about making money on my projects, but more of the process to get to the final product that I enjoy.

The Weston Electrical Instrument Co. Model 24 – Ammeter

At a recent live auction I picked up 4 various test instruments

  • The Weston Electrical Model 24 Ammeter
  • The Weston Electrical Model 45 Voltmeter
  • A Simpson Model 260 Multi-Meter
  • A Shallcross No 310 Galvanometer

The first Item I decided to refurbish was the Weston 24, it was by far in the worst shape of the lot. I’m not sure if it got this way from being in service in some industrial factory orĀ  maybe in a subway? I estimate this meter to be at least 100 years old.

How the Weston looked when it arrived

This is what the meter looked like when it arrived at my house. The dirt was embedded and would not come out. I used a mixture of alcohol and water and a Dremel with a wire brush attachment to loosen 100 years of grime.

It was a slow going process, but eventually most of the dirt, rust and crud was liberated from the meter.

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