Father’s Day Round Up! Great Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s Day is approaching again and if you’re like me I always wonder what would be a good gift for Dad. There have been years where a bottle of wine was the gift of choice, or maybe a couple of dress shirts. How boring! Hopefully your Dad is as great as mine and not only deserves a fun cool gift, but would also appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Is your Dad into computers? Maybe a fun USB drive would be the perfect gift? Low cost, yet thoughtful!

16GB Mercedes-Benz USB Flash Drive in the style of a Car Key!
$12.99 GeekGearStore.com

This is a very cool gift for Dad, especially if he drives a Benz and enjoys electronic gadgets. On sale at GeekGearStore.com $12.99

Don’t drive a Benz? Maybe BMW is more your ride? This comes as a BMW flash drive as well, and features a retractable USB head.

16GB BMW USB Flash Drive in the style of a Car Key!
$12.99 GeekGearStore.com

This is very cool too, I could see Dad plugging this into the dashboard of his car with a few hundred of his favorite songs. $12.99 GeekGearStore.com

Finally in the USB category I though this would be a really cool gift for Father’s Day. A retro tape cassette the size of a credit card but with a hidden 16GB USB drive inside!

Customized 16GB USB Drive – Looks Like A Cassette – Size Of A Credit Card – With Pouch!
$11.99 at GeekGearStore.com

Comes with a protective pouch and can easily slide into Dad’s wallet! $11.99 also at GeekGearStore.com

You can’t go wrong with a handmade Father’s Day gift!

I really love this one of a kind Circuit Board clock. This particular one was made from a computer modem circa 1995. Not only cool but vintage as well!

Vintage Computer Circuit Board Mantel Clock (1995 Modem)
$23.99 at GeekGearStore.com

One of a kind beauty! If its sold out by the time you read this, no worries GeekGearStore.com has a number of other geek clocks that your Father would enjoy – $23.99 at GeekGearStore.com

Vintage Video Games Recycled

Did your Dad grow up in the 70’s and 80’s? Maybe he was a fan of the original Zelda or Super Mario? GeekGearStore.com has transformed a few classic favorites into handmade desk clocks that any father would enjoy!

VINTAGE Gold Nintendo Zelda Cartridge Clock (1987)
$19.99 at GeekGearStore.com
VINTAGE Nintendo Super Mario 3 Cartridge Clock (1985)
$19.99 at GeekGearStore.com


You can find 15 styles to choose from at GeekGearStore,com from Zelda to Super Mario, Excite Bike, Duck Hunt, Contra, Donkey Kong and Tetris just to name a few. All are working desk clocks any father would enjoy on Father’s Day.

There you have it, a few picks from my online store that would make great Father’s Day gifts! No matter what you get your Dad, I hope you have a great day spending time with the man who raised you.

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