8″ (200mm) Silicon Wafer With Amazing Chip Patterns

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if we never invented the micro chip? Micro chips and to that extent the micro processor should be hailed as one of the greatest inventions of all time. Most of our modern life would not be possible if we were not able to fit billions of  transistors in the space of a postage stamp silicon wafer. Just think about that statement for a moment! Your mobile phone would be the size of a car, your home computer the size of a room in your house. Constantly swapping out burnt vacuum tubes.

Micro chips to the rescue.

A Silicon Wafer Is Born:

Ever wondered how these chips are made? I never gave it a thought myself until I stumbled across these Silicon Wafers. For some reason or another these wafers were deemed defective so they were unable to continue the journey into computers, phones and other electronics. Some of the wafers were destined to become DRAM’s (memory) some designed to be micro processors, while others custom circuits for a specific job.

I couldn’t resist picking up a lot of them since they were so beautiful to look at. I don’t think of them as defective electronics, but more like a work of art. Under florescent lights they appear to glow every  color of the rainbow. I think I’m going to frame one or two of them and make a wall hanging!

You can have one too!

In my usual fashion I purchased about 40 of these platters and decided that I really don’t need all 40 of them, so a small batch has been posted to Ebay and Etsy.

If you’re interested you can buy them on Ebay or Etsy using one of the links below.




200mm (8″) Silicon Wafer With Amazing CPU Chip Patterns
200mm (8″) Silicon Wafer With Amazing DRAM Chip Patterns




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