Intel i3, i5, i7, i9. Choosing the best Intel Processor!

It would seem that Intel is now the dominant force in computers when it comes to processors.  AMD fought hard to keep up throughout the years but the marketing machine that is employed by Intel has secured their future. Intel is not only great at making quality processors, but also great at convincing the world that their product is the best.

What is a processor and why should I care?

A processor also know as a CPU (Central Processing Unit) is basically the brains of your computer.  Most modern CPUs are considered microprocessors, meaning they contain all the circuitry to do the job on a single chip.  I’m not going to touch too much on processor theory or history but just understand that all processors are designed to Fetch, Decode, and Execute instructions based on the demands of the programs you are using. How fast and efficiently they complete their tasks all depends on the design and speed of the particular processor.

I like computers and cars – Let’s compare!

i3Intel i3 – Toyota Corolla

The Intel i3 processor – equipped with 2 cores and 3MB cache is the economy car of the group. Will perform as well as your Toyota Corolla. Good transportation on a budget nothing exotic here to look at. Buy a computer equipped with the i3 if you are strictly web surfing and basic number crunching in Excel. Wasting time on social media. Calculating  your home budget or online banking. Don’t even attempt to play games on a PC of this type.

i5Intel i5 – Ford Taurus

The i5 processor equipped with up to 4 cores and a 3-6mb cache. This is the reliable family car of the group. Like the Taurus the i5 will get you where you want to go faster and in better comfort than the i3. As a trade off the i5 does consume more power, however it can handle just about every task from video streaming to graphics rendering, and pretty much every office program you can throw at it. The i5 does increase the cost of a workstation, however what you get back in performance is worth it.

i7Intel i7 – Chevrolet Corvette

The i7 processor is also equipped with 4 cores and up to 8mb cache. We are looking at the performer of the group. I like to relate the i7 to the Chevy Corvette. This processor is built to perform and perform it does! Designed for extreme gaming, graphics design and rendering. This was the best Intel could do. (Up until about a week ago)

wowIntel i9 – Ferrari (any model)

The i9 is to be released in the wild sometime June 2017 and features up to 18 cores and upward of 14mb cache.  Intel just made the Ferrari of processors.  Exotic insane performance at an exotic insane price. The top of the line i9 will add an additional $2,000 to the cost of the workstation you are installing it into. Only the most extreme users would be interested in this beast. I know someone will put it to good work breaking encryption and hacking passwords. I was going to call this the Bugatti Veyron of processors, but I am leaving room for the i11 some day.


Working in the technology industry my entire life I have used just about every modern Intel processor from the 286 on up. Choosing a workstation that fits your budget and needs is not difficult to do if you stop and think about how it will be used in your home or office. Social media, web surfing , online banking, a PC for Mom & Dad – The i3 should do fine. Move up to the next level and get the job done faster, do some photo and video editing, playing a few games go with the i5. Finally the i7 is great for gaming, high end video rendering and more.

If you are lucky enough to pickup and i9, let me know how well it performs!

What do you do with OLD Intel processors?

On Sale Now $25.00
On Sale Now $25.00

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