Intel i3, i5, i7, i9. Choosing the best Intel Processor!


It would seem that Intel is now the dominant force in computers when it comes to processors.  AMD fought hard to keep up throughout the years but the marketing machine that is employed by Intel has secured their future. Intel is not only great at making quality processors, but also great at convincing the world that their product is the best.

What is a processor and why should I care?

A processor also know as a CPU (Central Processing Unit) is basically the brains of your computer.  Most modern CPUs are considered microprocessors, meaning they contain all the circuitry to do the job on a single chip.  I’m not going to touch too much on processor theory or history but just understand that all processors are designed to Fetch, Decode, and Execute instructions based on the demands of the programs you are using. How fast and efficiently they complete their tasks all depends on the design and speed of the particular processor.

I like computers and cars – Let’s compare!

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