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I feel as if I have been a technology geek for as long as I can remember. I often wonder why as a child of the 80’s I gravitated toward electronics and not sports. I guess I would lay some of the blame on my father who seemed to push me toward electronics and would bring me all sorts of fun gadgets from Radio Shack.

Early Kits – Radio Shack Science Fair 160 in ONE

I have very fond memories of the Radio Shack Science Fair 160 in ONE Electronic Project Kit. As a kid I didn’t appreciate the components, but simply followed the instruction “cook” book and wired the circuits with the included jumpers. I can remember making a crystal radio, touch sensors,  sound generators (or color organs as they were called) It wasn’t long before I started making my own creations.

As I got older, I noticed the kits had started to vanish from Radio Shack. In my late teens and early twenties I even worked at Radio Shack for a while and the kits were all but gone!

30 Years later and WOW – These kits are amazing!

I stumbled across this kit on Amazon – The  Elegoo Mega 2560 Arduino Starter Kit for only $60.00 

This kit comes with a TON of stuff

  • The MEGA2560 complete starter kit with more than 200pcs components, premium quality for Arduino kit
  • Free PDF tutorial in the CD (more than 35 lessons).
  • LCD1602 module and GY-521 sensor module with pin header ( no need to solder by yourself)
  • Nice package with clear listing and surprise including a nice small box to keep the widget such as LED , IC , buttons , diodes ,etc.

Amazing the amount of components you get with this! If I had this tech when I was a kid, I probably would have hacked the Pentagon and launched the nukes!

ELEGOO – Lots of cool electronic kits and parts on Amazon

After I stumbled on this kit, I did a quick search and found a boat load of kits for all skill levels and budgets – Click here to search

A few that caught my eye –

ELEGOO UNO Project Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit. Intelligent and Educational Toy Car for Kids Teens V2.0 – $70.00 at Amazon



I also like this starter kit too. It doesen’t t have asw many parts but it still has tons of stuff you can do and the price point is about 1/2 of the kit I had recommended earlier.  ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino$34.99 @ Amazon


These kits are fun for adults, but they are great for kids 14 and up. Especially if you’re a kid like me and enjoyed learning about electronics and computers. I guess you can say this is what my original Radio Shack kit evolved into over the last 30 years!

Remember, use this link to search ELEGOO kits – CLICK HERE

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