Weekend Project – Check Your Check Engine Light For $20

Modern cars offer a ton of on board self diagnostic  equipment to help point us in the right direction when things begin to fail. However it seems that most auto manufactures would prefer the diagnosis of the dreaded “check engine” light left to the professionals. I don’t believe this should be the case. If you own the car you should be able to diagnose issues and make decisions on how and where to have them repaired.


Fix your check engine light with a $20 ODB2 scanner

Cars have had some kind of ODB (on board diagnostic) system since the early 1980’s. I can remember a hack that allowed me to short a pin in the ODB port to ground on my 82 Buick that would allow the check engine trouble codes to “blink” out on the idiot lights.  There was no modern internet service then so it was still a quick call to my friend at the garage to look up the trouble code.

Today we don’t have to make a huge effort to find out what our car is thinking.  This simple ODB2 dongle supports all protocols and will transmit the diagnostic data directly to your phone via WiFi. Plus there is a wealth of information regarding the trouble codes on the internet.

Introducing Dr. Meter ELM327 – WiFI Diagnostic ODB2 Code Reader

Can be found at Amazon for $20.00

Powerful Diagnostic Tool: The OBD2 WIFI car scanner quickly diagnoses any hidden problems with your vehicle. This car scanner & code reader supports all OBD2 protocols. Its internal database encompasses 3000 generic and manufacturer codes- the problem will be located each and every time.

  • Check Out Your Car’s Performance on your Smartphone★:There’s an app for that. Download the app onto your iOS, Android, or Windows device and explore real-time data about your car’s performance
  • Compatible with a Variety of Apps★: Already have a favorite app? No problem. This car scanner & code reader works perfectly with most apps. OBD Car Doctor, DashCommand for iOS, Torque Pro for Android, and OBD Auto Doctor for Windows are just a few of the third-party platforms that are supported.
  • Effortless Setup★: Get the OBD2 scanner up and running in a few short minutes. Download and install the app, start the engine, and plug the OBDII adapter into your car’s OBD2 port. Connect your device to the OBD reader and you’re all set! Pinpoint the problem.

Even if you’re not the DIY type, this device can at a minimum make you smart so your next trip to the local garage or dealer may not be as expensive. The more knowledge you have when it comes to your car the better!

Link to Amazon – Dr. Meter ELM327 $20

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