Weekend Project – Replace Your Cars Air Filter – (2014 Dodge Charger & 2011 Lexus ES 350)

Last weekend I gave you some tips on replacing your automobiles cabin filter. The benefit was clean fresh air while driving down the highway. Today I am going to talk about replacing your engine air filter.  The air filter is essential to keeping your engine running well.

What are the benefits of a clean air filter:

  • Increase Fuel Economy:
    There have been many studies to determine what the cost of a dirty filter is on fuel economy, it would be said that a 6% loss per gallon on modern cars.
  • Reduced Emissions:
    A dirty air filter reduces the air flow into the engine and therefore reduces the amount of air available for combustion.  This could cause the fuel / air ratio to be rich (too much fuel) which will cause incomplete combustion creating increased emissions and pollution
  • Increase Engine Life:
    The filter is designed to catch debris, even the smallest particle entering the engine can cause increased wear and significantly reduce the life of the engine.
  • Easy and quick fix:
    As you will see from my experience below, the air filter is usually an easy DIY project that is inexpensive to complete in just a few minutes. Saving you quite a few dollars over having the dealer do the work.

Let’s get working

Our first filter change will be on the 2014 Dodge Charger.

I used a WIX filter which cost about $26.00


On the Charger the filter is located on the front right of the car. Its easy to access using a large phillips head screwdriver



Remove the 3 screws shown in the image on the left and then lift the top of the air filter housing from the front. There are TABS at the rear of the cover. Make sure to lift from the front and then pull forward.

You should now have access to the filter and swap the old for the new. While you have the filter box open, if there is any large debris such as leaves or sticks you should remove them as well.

After inserting the new filter, reattach the filter box cover and replaced tighten down the 3 screws.


Now we will change the air filter on my 2011 Lexus ES350

I used a FRAM CA10169 Filter which cost about $11.00


The Lexus is equipped with a full engine cover. I’m not exactly sure why, but I would guess its for noise reduction.  There are a bunch of clips that need to be removed in order to gain access to the air filter box. DON’T FORCE THE CLIPS OUT they will break. If you pry up the center of the clip it will release tension and should be easily removed.  The clips are very inexpensive 20 for $5.00

Once the engine cover is off you should be able to locate the filter box toward the upper right of the engine bay.

There are three clamps that hold the the cover to the base of the box, release all three clamps by pushing down on the top.

Open the cover by pulling up on the box cover. NOTE: the top of the filter box is still connected to the engine. You will only be able to pry it open enough to slide out the filter. Take notice of the orientation of the filter when you remove it so you can install it in the same direction.

One the new filter is situated in the box, place the cover back on top and refasten the clips. Every year when I put this box back together it takes a few tries to get it lined up correctly. Don’t force it, just keep re-positioning the cover until it makes a good tight seal.

All set for another year, or 12k to 15k miles.

I hope you found this information helpful.
Thank you for reading my blog

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