Who Writes Your Advertisements Waste Management?

Companies like Waste Management  still like to send direct paper mail. You know the kind.. its the mail you usually look at quick and then toss in the trash. When your wife asks you any mail today and you respond, all junk!

I received this nice advertisement from Waste Management and funny it arrived at a time when I was thinking of replacing my trash hauler. I decided to give it a quick read to see what they were offering.  The wording and stipulations in the message were so bad I laughed and thought to myself I need to share this.

I’m not a professional writer, in fact my writing is fair at best. I have always stated I write this blog with the intention that no one will ever read it. That said here is my critique on the recent Waste Management advertisement I received recently.

  •  First the ad states $45/month ALL-IN – Then 1/2 way down the page “One time setup charge will apply” – UMM how is that ALL IN???
  • Even better the “setup charge” cost is never mentioned on the ad
  • The ad mentions “customer supplied containers” meaning that I need to supply my own trash cans.   However If I cancel the service a “one time cart removal charge  will apply” Wait a second, There is a charge to remove my own trash cans?
  • Lastly, Waste Management is forcing you into a year commitment, charging a setup fee, and will charge you a cart removal fee if you cancel. However they clearly state “ONE YEAR COMMITMENT IS NOT A RATE GUARANTEE” Really, so I can’t back out of the year commitment, but on month two of this offer you can raise your rates. Seems pretty one sided if you ask me!

**Bonus – They will give you a FREE Bagster, which is like a one time use trash container. Sounds good. They neglect to tell you that is costs almost $200 to pick that Bagster up!

Waste Management – I give your advertisement an “F”. For neglecting to mention the cost of the setup charge, charging a fee for cart removal (when I supply my own cans), not guaranteeing the rate for a year (but forcing me into a year contract that is one sided) and not disclosing the true cost of the FREE bagster.




Do you want to see more like this? I was thinking of doing a Who does your advertising segment.

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