Microchip -Ever Wonder Whats Inside?

We take electronics for granted in todays society. Microchips are in everything! Computers, TVs, Smart Phones, Microwaves even your car! If it plugs in and turns on there’s a good chance a microchip will be inside.

Have you ever wondered what is a microchip?  I don’t want to cover the history of chips or integrated circuits (IC)  in this article, however lets leave it as miniaturized electronic components on a die that is encased in a plastic shell. The components are  usually transistors and millions of them can be on a die to compose a single chip.

Finished Chips

Here is a great example of some “dead bug” socket style microchips. 

Vintage EPROM style chips

These are older microchips and the there are a few where you can actually see the die through a small window. These chips were know as EPROMs and were programmable!

Actual Microchip Die!

This is the inside Die Chips found in sophisticated IC’s. The die was fully processed and the next step was to bond gold wires to the different connection points on the IC die and connect them to pins on a plastic IC package. This step was not done.

60 ICs
ICs in their carrier

These are fascinating to study under a strong magnifying glass or microscope. Great for making “electronic jewelry”, study and training.

I was lucky to get a few to share and I’m offering them in my online store basically to cover what I paid for them.

Each order will have about 60 die, I tried to mix them up a bit so there is more that one style to look at.

Up close and personal with an IC die

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Microchip Cary Case
Microchip Cary Case

Again these are perfect for electronics class and can be used as a teaching aid. Very cool to study!

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Actual IC Chip Die – What a microchip really looks like!

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