Dell Latitude E5550 Battery Replacement

In the office we tend to buy Dell Desktops and Laptops. In my opinion they are no better or worse than any other brand and are priced competitively. Normally we have a 3-4 year cycle moving old equipment out and new equipment in. This one E5550 has been hanging around for whatever reason and was feeling slow. I originally popped the back cover to upgrade to a SSD and noticed the battery was in bad shape and needed to be replaced.

E5550 Battery Replacement

From the looks of it, two of the cells out gassed and have a belly. This is very bad since the battery capacity is obviously reduced. It is also dangerous to the hardware since the added pressure from the battery could damage the system board or cause the case to crack.

E5550 BatteryE5550 Battery

Where to purchase a suitable replacement?

The E5550 battery can be sourced from Amazon for around $50 and is a direct replacement.

E5550 replacement battery



Click here for a 51W E5550 equivalent battery for around $50 from Amazon.




Installing the E5550 Replacement Battery

The battery is very easy to install and the only required tool is a Phillips head screwdriver. The entire process should take no more than 30 minutes or less.

Step 1 – Remove the rear cover screws

E5550 cover screw removalThere are 6 cover screws that need to be removed. Take out all 6 with your Phillips head screwdriver and set aside. Then slow pry the cover up from the center of the dock connector is. You may have to use a small flat head screwdriver or plastic pry tool. Just try not to force it as you could crack the cover

STEP 2 – Remove the battery

E5550 Battery removalThere are two screws holding the battery in place which need to be removed. Then slowly disconnect the battery by pushing down on the white tab on the connector.


Here is a close up of the battery connector. Just gently push the connector toward the battery and it should come loose. Don’t pry up on the connector or use excessive force or it could break.


Installing the E550 Replacement Battery

Hopefully by now you can see how easy a process this was. To install the battery is just as simple as the removal. Just follow the steps in reverse

  • Install the E5550 replacement battery connector
  • Install the two Phillips head screws into the battery
    (Note they are the two furthest away holes)
  • Install the back cover, and 6 cover screws
  • Charge the battery before using!


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