Software Review – Ninite Install and Update All Your Programs at Once

Ninite is one of my favorite software packages of all time. Working in the IT field, my friends and neighbors are constantly asking me to fix, repair and upgrade their home computers. I guess you can call it an occupational hazard. If you have ever rebuilt a PC before you know that its not an overly difficult task, but it is time consuming installing software package after software package.

This is where comes in.

A quick visit to their home page will reveal the most popular open source and free applications for your PC. Everything from 7-zip and iTunes to VLC Media player and Java.  Simply check off each application that you would like installed on your workstation and then click the “Get Your Ninite” button to begin the download and install.

Yes, it’s that simple! The software will start working as soon as its run, automatically selecting all the default options for each application and install in the default folder.  While the install is running, sit back and relax. The software does all its work in the background and will not ask to reboot.

One of the best parts  is the software is smart enough to bypass all the “special” offers, that are bundled with the packages you choose. Leaving you with a clean install of only the software you want.

Once you have used Ninite you are going to want to keep using it. Ninite will not let you down, because you can not only use it for fresh installs you can also run it again for updates. It’s even intelligent enough to determine if you are running a 64bit vs 32bit operating system.

Visit the Ninite home page here

Ninite Pro

Lastly, for mid to large companies Ninite offers a “PRO” service that can manage installs over your entire network as well as patch management. They don’t show pricing on their website so I guess you will have to email or call.

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