Best stickers / labels for youth hockey score sheets!

I have been working with youth hockey teams for about 15 years now. Both my boys play ice hockey on multiple teams, and I have been volunteering as team manager for all of them. Part of the managers job is to keep score and supply rosters to the home and away score keeper. Its a huge pain to write in each players name on game day so I generally like to make a score sheet sticker.  It simplifies the process and makes the sheet nice and neat.

Which stickers labels work best?

We have a great example of a youth hockey score sheet above showing both teams using 2×4 stickers. From what I have seen there are many organizations using this format for paper score keeping. Continue reading “Best stickers / labels for youth hockey score sheets!”

Wolfpack Mini Golf Fundraiser a HUGE Success!

A huge thank you to everyone that attended the Woodbridge Wolfpack first annual Mini Golf fundraiser on August 26th! It was the perfect day from start to finish, with good weather, good friends, good food and GREAT fun!

Thank you to all the volunteers, golfers, and sponsors that helped make the day a success.  A special thank you to Coach Charlie Crispino for organizing this event.

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Weekend Project – Broken Stick Hockey Trainer


My children love Ice Hockey! Basically in my house its all hockey all the time. When they are not on the ice for games or practice,  street hockey in front of my house will do. On many occasions we have had sticks break under the stress of vigorous play and we tend to keep broken sticks around and re purpose them for other fun projects.

Today I will show you how to make this cool stick handling trainer out of a few scrap parts you may have laying around.


StickBroken WOODEN street hockey stick


2x Hockey pucks Continue reading “Weekend Project – Broken Stick Hockey Trainer”