Don’t have a HyperChiller? You might want to get one.

My wife bought me one of these HyperChiller contraptions for Christmas last year and I thought it was a neat idea. Who wouldn’t enjoy iced coffee without the ice watering it down. Too bad I don’t drink a drop of Coffee, however I am an iced tea drinker.  I decided to give it a go at making some fresh brewed tea and see how it performs.

How does this thing work?

Think of the HyperChiller as a double lined thermos that surrounds your beverage with two chambers of ice. The liquid is contained in a stainless steel cup that prevents the ice from diluting your drink, while allowing very fast heat transfer to cool down your liquid refreshment in a hurry.

Preparing the HyperChiller for use:

There is some prep work to get your chiller ready for chillin’. Obviously wash all of it and dry. Take the smaller of the two stainless steel cups and fill to the fill line. Then screw the cup to the lid using the inner set of threads, make it tight, but don’t over tighten. Next take the larger stainless cup and also fill to the file line. (BTW – The fill line is a small dent in the stainless cup) now pour the water into the larger black plastic chamber. Screw the empty cup to the lid as well.

At this point you should have the small cup filled and secured to the lid, the large cup EMPTY and secured to the lid, and a small quantity of water in the bottom of the black container. Take the lid and attache to the large cup. place the entire contraption in the freezer over night.

Pickup a HyperChiller for $36.99at Amazon.

Let’s make some tea:

Enough time should have passed to allow the water inside the HyperChiller to freeze. Place under your Keurig machine and brew your favorite tea cup directly in the chiller. I use the largest size on my Keruig machine and do not have any issues with it overflowing.  The website claims “Chills hot coffee by up to 130° in 60 seconds” I have found that it does cool the drink down in 60 seconds, however its not COLD. I usually let mine sit for 2 to 3 minutes giving it a swirl every so often.

I like to use loose tea leaves with my Keruig so I can make a custom blend when brewing, or even incorporate a little sugar during the brewing process.  It’s easy to do with a reusable K-cup filter housing like this one from Amazon.

Other great chilling ideas
  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Wine

  • Whiskey

  • Use your imagination

Clean Up:

Clean up is fairly simple. The HyperChiller folks recommend just rinsing out the unit under cold water and dropping it back in the freezer for the next use. However from time to time you may want to fully dissemble and place the entire unit on the top rack of your dishwasher.


I have thoroughly enjoyed making various teas in my chiller. The only complaint I have is with the plastic lid and base. If the threads on both are not completely dry the lid has a tendency to  pop off during use. Not really a show stopper, but more of an annoyance.

I highly recommend you give this very cool device a try. Makes a great low cost gift for fathers day. Pickup a HyperChiller for $36.99at Amazon.

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