Welcome to Webcommand.net!

In the tradition of programmers of long ago I would like to say “HELLO WORLD” with my first official blog post on Webcommand.net.

I have big plans for this blog and would love if my readers (hopefully I can find some) would help drive the direction of my content. In my head I would like to feature articles that focus on the following content.

  • Computers and Networking – I am an IT professional by trade and have been around servers and workstations most of my life. I think I would focus on some “How To” pages or post some insight into some issues that I am facing at my day job.  Or even a few posts regarding my love of the raspberry pie!
  • Electronics – As a hobby I also like to dabble in electronics, maybe some insight on the latest gizmo? Or a how to build a circuit or project page. I enjoy working with LED’s and soldering. I also enjoy modding or “jail breaking” my devices and I’m sure a few how to posts will pop-up as well.
  • Up-Cycling – I have a creative side too. I have been running an Etsy store for over 10 years now. I try to take old discarded electronics and make them into cool up-cycled project for everyone to enjoy. I have always wanted to write an e-book on how I make my goodies and this blog is a good starting point. If you’re interested take a look at www.GeekGearStore.com
  • Deals and Bargains – I love a good deal, weather it be a great discount on an SSD drive from Amazon, or some electronic parts on clearance, or even the deal of the day from woot.com (not the same since they sold out to amazon). Anyhow, if its a deal you should know about I’ll post it!

This is my first experience with WordPress and I will be working on figuring out all the ins and outs. I still have some work to do to make the site look even better, but I really just wanted to get posting.

If you have read this, thank you! Its appreciated. If you have some ideas for content or new posts, please feel free to send them my way ideas@webcommand.net

Until next time, have a great day



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