How to make an image of your USB drive

Every now and then I stumble across a piece of software that is well written, extremely useful and FREE. Today I’m going to talk about Image USBDuring the day I am responsible for a staff of help desk technicians that are continuously upgrading and repairing PC’s. They like to have their Windows 10 install media on a bootable USB drive.   Lately the industry is shying away for optical disk drives, so bootable USB install media is a must.

Why can’t I just copy the files from one drive to another?

To “BOOT” from USB media the disk needs to have a boot sector. Think of the boot sector as a hidden area on the drive that the gives the computer specific instructions that it can only see at startup. Once the operating system is running you can easily copy your files from one drive to the other, however the hidden boot information is a little more difficult

What is special about ImageUSB?

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How to make a Nintendo NES controller USB flash drive.

This is a fun project that takes an old Nintendo NES controller and converts it into a cool USB drive that your friends will envy.

Time to build: 1 hours
Skill Level: Easy


A classic NES controller. Can be found on EBAY or at the bottom of your closet or in the basement.


Any USB drive extracted from its case. I used a 16gb drive for this project.


A USB extension cable. I found this one laying around the shop.


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