Google WiFi – Only for BASIC home users!

In early June I wrote a post that recommended a few different home Wifi extenders. One of the devices mentioned was the Google WiFi Mesh Network. Recently, I had the pleasure of trying one of these devices out for myself.

Poor WiFi Signal At Home? A WiFi Extender Can Help!


MeshI had recommend this device to one of my friends and a coworker and both have giving the units rave reviews. They said that setup was simple. Install an app on your smart phone, then scan a QR code on the bottom of the device. The rest was  point and click. The entire Google Wifi mesh network was up and running in a matter of minutes.

The network immediately begins reporting signal strength data, device information and a slue of other important information you would want to have regarding your home network. The system can even distribute bandwidth to devices the require it most. (Smart TV’s, Kodi box, ETC) Continue reading “Google WiFi – Only for BASIC home users!”