5 Neck Fan / Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool!

If you live where I live in the north east there is no denying that right now we are going through one of the hottest heatwaves in memory. If you have to be outside during the day the “real feel” temperatures can reach upwards of 100deg at peek times! I recently came across these neck fans and to my surprise as a portable cooling device they worked quite well!

One word of note, some of these are simply fans, while others claim to be air conditioners. I don’t want to discount the air conditioners as “snake oil” because as you know there is no refrigerant running through the neck fan, but rather a metal cooling plate that can assist cooling you slightly more than the fan alone.

Below you will find my Top 4 Neck Fan / Air Conditioners and one to avoid!

My number one choice also happens to be the most expensive neck fan, actually this one is listed as a neck air conditioner.  This fan provides the best cooling with one of the highest air speeds, while having very low vibration and a whopping 9 hour battery life!

#1 – Torras – Coolify Cyber 2024 – Neck Air Conditioner
Best neck fan #1
Best neck fan #1

Brand: Torras
Cooling: Excellent
Comfort: Very Good
Vibration: Low
Battery Life: 9 Hours on highest setting
Special Features: Extra cooling via “Air Conditioner Plates”


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Radio Shack / Tandy Support Library – July 1994

This is really a cool piece of history! Back in the mid 90’s Tandy and Radio Shack started a FAX back system where store employees could call an automated system enter a Radio Shack catalog number and receive an exploded parts view of the item via FAX.

Eventually Radio Shack began sending each of their stores a copy of a CD-Rom that also contained the parts view to speed up the process.  I am currently have of one of the CD-Roms from July of 94 and will be publishing it to this website for your review.

Below you will find links to pages that contain the exploded view of various products in the 1994 Radio Shack catalog.  If you would prefer to download the entire CD-ROM – CLICK THIS LINK Continue reading “Radio Shack / Tandy Support Library – July 1994”